Flying Mission Zambia - Flight Services

Zambia's Mission Statement

Serving the mission, medical, and church communities of Zambia
through the supply of aviation and logistical services.

What is Flying Mission's vision for Zambia?

As part of Flying Mission's overall vision, Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) aims to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build the Kingdom of God in Zambia, specifically through providing a support service for the Evangelical Christian church, mission community, and related medical and development work.

Why aviation in Zambia?

Aviation is a supporting technology and a force multiplier. FMZ's goal is to multiply the effectiveness of the Church, mission and development workers, enabling them to spend more time serving people, and reduce the time taken up by travel on poor roads for long distances.

How are we helping?

FMZ believes in proclaiming the Gospel through meeting people's spiritual and physical needs. FMZ wants to provide logistical support to those involved in assisting community development with clean water, basic hygiene, literacy, higher standards of healthcare, improved communications and leadership training within the churches.

In this way, FM is facilitating the work of spreading the Gospel in Zambia.

FMZ's success can be seen in the successes of those we are serving with aviation transportation.

Who are we flying?

Our frequent users include people linked to church-related projects who are developing communications and internet projects for rural areas; doctors visiting rural hospitals to provide needed expertise; teachers and administrators working at a newly-established Christian school; workers with HIV/AIDS projects and church leadership trainers.

» Baptist Mission of Zambia
» Christian Missions to Many Lands (CMML)
» Chitokoloki Mission Hospital
» LinkNet - Internet & communication project for rural areas
» Macha Innovative Community School (MICS)
» Malaria Institute at Macha
» Mukinge Mission Hospital

What services do we offer?

FMZ provides a flight service for evangelical missionaries and development workers from related organisations to facilitate transport between rural areas and from rural areas to the main centres.

If you do not fall into one of these categories, here is a list of other flight services that may help you:

» Airwaves
Airwaves and Zambian airways have combined their operations and fly many routes around Zambia and the region.
» Proflight Commuter Services
Providing scheduled and charter flights throughout Zambia and the region.
» Staravia
Staravia can provide charter flights to local and regional destinations.
» Zambian Airways
The national airline provides scheduled flights to local destinations and throughout the region.

See our FAQ for specific information about our flight service.