Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make use of our services?

Evangelical church workers, missionaries, and medical and development workers.

How much does the flight cost?

Please send us your flight request so that we can give you the correct cost.

How many can fit in the plane?

Five passengers and limited luggage.

How much luggage can I bring?

The basic luggage allowance for each passenger is 25 kg.

What is the cost for excess luggage beyond the 25 kg allowance?

US$ 1.00 per kg.

What is the rate for freight?

US$ 1.00 per kg.

How can I pay for my flights?

Donations may be made by cash or personal cheque in US Dollars or Zambian Kwacha. Personal cheques should be made payable to Flying Mission. Donations may also be made via bank transfer or credit card. Please ask for details.